How to walk into the new era


We are living in an era of total change, although it is not the first time the industry has faced an era of change. New business models will be driven by ‘disruptive technological breakthroughs’ which will change manufacturing techniques, as well as the entire production chain, distribution flow and storage. All this will help us to re-enable unique production on local scale again. Therefore we have to invest in apparel with an authentic story and respect for nature, since the future is belonging to long-term trends. Key questions are: What is the added value of an idea for humans, physically, mentally and ecologically? And: How to value an idea?

Developing new strategies in your company and looking into the new development of products and services is a part of your added value for the future of your business. With as starting point: 'The connecting meaning economy'.


With F.e.e.d Flor Depla is optimistic about helping you to invent a new future, no matter what kind of business you have. 


It doesn't interest me who you are, or how you came to be here.
I want to know if you will stand with me in the fire and if you won't cede back. 
I want to know if you will take the risk to look like a fool for love, for the dreams you have, for the adventure of being alive...
Developing a lifestyle society that offers a way of living with respect for nature, traditions and high-tech technology. 

Flor Depla


Is an entrepreneur in the fashion industry since 23 year. She is a concept designer for several brands.

Her eccentric method of analyzing the past, the present and the future trends gives her an unique way of grasping consumers and society of today and tomorrow. Her functional, energetic and efficient designs are a trigger point: she is adding value in order to inspire humans as individuals understanding the importance of the group and of natural resources.


She is called a 'visionary' by the SLEM Institute in Waalwijk in the Netherlands.

She is member the board of the Flemish Union of Independent Companies (Unizo) in the south of Antwerp.

She is President of the Council for disabled people in her hometown Kontich. 


With F.e.e.d., Flor Depla gives Inspiration - Think Tanks - Coaching & Consultancy - Lectures.

She is optimistic about helping you to invent a new future, no matter what kind of business you have.


You are always welcome for an appointment.                                                     

Please contact her by mail or by phone +32 478 54 78 09



Flor Depla can offer you or your team following services:

Inspiration - Think Tanks - Coaching & Consultancy - Lectures



One to one conversations, or conversations with little groups of people of your organisation, to get inspired:

  • How to look into the future of the development of your company and doing it with a wider horizon?
  • What does it mean to you to see your activities in a broader perspective in this new century?
  • And how can you connect Global and Local?

Get inspired, invent your future. 


Think Tanks

Brainstorming for organisations.

“Poplars always grow in line, the stronger the line the stronger each individual poplar. So it’s all about together for ourselves.”

  • How can you as a company make the difference?
  • Can you create new connections with your designers? With other companies? With your clients? With the population of your country, your city or your street?
  • Can you create, produce or sale products with a real added value that makes a difference for all of them? Can your company contribute to the human well being in this new world to come?

It’s a new kind of added value from products for people to people. It all concerns authenticity: only authenticity will make your success.


Coaching & Consultancy

 Entrepreneurship is definitively not an exclusivity for entrepreneurs and companies.

“Poplars always grow in line, the stronger the line the stronger each individual poplar. So it’s all about together for ourselves.”

  • Indeed, each person on the work floor can participate to the new entrepreneurship. Every worker can add value to it if only he or she is given the necessary space to undertake.
  • Workers should not been seen as robots, because this leads to emptiness, depressions and burnouts.
  • Entrepreneurship starts with acceptance and participation.

The employer is no longer the dominant… but he becomes a listener and a caring guider providing connections with his employees and his customers. The workers are already in demand of this kind of approach.



The connection-meaning economy: a new enterprise model.

During my presentation, I’ll deal with questions about a new enterprise model we all are invited to apply in the near future. The ones who can deal with it will be the successful one’s, the ones who can’t will be history.




(You'll receive a statement of costs and an overview of intended results in advance, in order to make results measurable an to avoid unpleasant surprises.)


For the one to one conversations: 85 euro an hour. 

(This rate includes travel costs at a maximum distance of 30 km and is VaT exclusive.)

For little groups, prices can be on demand depending from the size of the group.

Also Skype Conversations are possible.

I believe that

  • new times call for a new approach of doing business
  • you must be a changer
  • together, we can make the difference & we can reach your goals

Think Tanks

Coaching & Consultancy


Prices only on demand. 

I believe that

  • entrepreneurship is not an exclusivity of entrepreneurs and companies
  • poplars always grow in line, what makes the poplars stronger 
  • authenticity will make your success
  • the connecting-meaning economy is our common future


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Luigi Grosso – Global Footwear Supply Chain Sustainability

“ I met Depla while we were both representing Neosens in different markets. Depla had a second sense of fashion direction and trends. Her insights into what a fashion brand should be considering when briefing, developing and positioning collections was for the most part right on target.”

August 15, 2016 Luigi was with another company when working with Flor Depla at Intens.